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Payment policy

Payment policy:

Payment by credit card: Payment options include international credit cards such as Visa, Master and Amex.


Payment by debit cards: Payment by debit cards issued by banks in Vietnam is accepted


Domestic credit card (ATM card): We accept payment by credit cards from 23 banks, including: Vietcombank, Vietinbank, DongA, VIBank, Techcombank, HDBank, Tienphong Bank, Military Bank, VietA Bank, Maritime Bank, Eximbank, SHB, Sacombank, NamA Bank…




Terms and agreements:

These terms represent your agreement to use the payment service on website of Everland Travel and Leisure Corporation and third-party websites. If you check the “Agree” box and click on the “Accept” button, you agree to all terms of agreement on these sites.



Interpretation of words

Terms: are terms between Everland Travel and you


Third parties: are companies affiliated with Everland Travel (Topay, ACB Bank) to support online payment for customers.




About copyright ownership website is owned by Everland Travel & Leisure Corporation and is protected by copyright law. You may only use this site for the purpose of browsing and registering for online payment and not for any other commercial purpose.


About customer’s information

While applying for online payment, you will be asked to provide some personal information and account information.


Personal information: This information is only to confirm your purchase and display the necessary information on Everland Travel’s corfirmation. Everland Travel will also use these contacts to send you events, promotions and special offers if you agree. The information you provided is confidential and not to be disclosed to third parties unless with your consent or when requested by law enforcements.

Account information: Everland Travel and the third parties will apply the highest security measures provided by well-known payment systems in the world such as Visa and MasterCard to ensure the absolute security of your account information.




About external websites

The website of Everland Travel contains links to third-party websites. They are intended solely to provide convenience to you and not to endorse or express approval to the content or information of third-party websites. Everland Travel will not be responsible for any liability regarding the information on third party websites.




About tour/service cancelation

To cancel a tour, please send a cancellation email to Everland Travel. Everland Travel will contact you and confirm all your information. Upon completion of the confirmation, Everland Travel will reimburse you the correct amount that you paid minus cancellation fees. Cancellation fees will depend on the tour you register.




Responsibilities of Everland Travel

Everland Travel is responsible for:

_ Securing and storing your information with the highest seriousness.


_ Resolving the questions, errors, violations that you encounter in the payment process due to Everland Travel’s misconduct.


_ Ensuring that all services follow the program you registered. However, we reserve the right to change the route or cancel our trip at any time due to safety concerns.


Any changes will be promptly notified to you immediately after the occurrence or immediately before departure.





Everland Travel is not responsible for any information that you provide as we cannot verify the accuracy of provided information.


Everland Travel is not responsible for your stolen information if the information is lost due to a computer virus on your device or other causes.


Everland Travel will not be liable to you if your computer system is damaged during payment process or interfered by an external site.


Everland Travel is not responsible for the loss of your information due to unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters, drought, fire, war, etc.




Responsibilities of the customer

You are responsible for the accuracy of your provided personal information and credit card information. If any errors, frauds or disputes arise, Everland Travel reserves the right to cancel your tour.


You are responsible for checking the account information in time to inform Everland Travel of the problems. After 30 days from the date of payment, Everland Travel will not accept any complain regarding the payment.


You will not use the content of the website managed by Everland Travel for commercial purposes without our approval.


You will need to install necessary precautionary measures yourself to ensure that any choice you make when using the Everland Travel Web site is protected from viruses or any other

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