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Video: Underground adventure awaits at Barra Honda caves

Video: Underground adventure awaits at Barra Honda caves

Barra Honda in Guanacaste is the only national park in Costa Rica established to protect caves — some 42 of them, including the spectacular Caverna Terciopelo.

Inside this cave, you’ll see a variety of interesting stalactites and stalagmites named after the ordinary things they look like (say, fried eggs). It’s open to visitors 12 years old and up, though there is also a small cave open to children.

If you go, be sure to wear closed-toed shoes because you can’t enter the cave in flip-flops.

You can also hike through dry tropical forest here, and take in the spectacular views at the Mirador Nacaome.

Reporter and videographer Amanda Zúñiga recently did all of the above and produced this video. Enjoy.



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