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Photos: 10 stunning landscapes from all over Costa Rica

Photos: 10 stunning landscapes from all over Costa Rica

Costa Rica, the country of vibrating colors and diverse landscapes. Situated between the two Americas, straddling both the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans and divided by several uprising mountain ranges, the country hosts an incredible 5 percent of all life forms on earth.

I’ve been traveling Costa Rica from north to south and from coast to coast and have collected so many beautiful pictures, it’s really hard to pick only a handful. This selection of 10 landscapes is a mix of regions, climate zones, colors and times of the day.

Landscape photograph is beyond the visual, it is about feelings. About what it’s like to be there when the wind pushes the clouds and the sun kisses the day goodbye. About what it would be like to swim in this freezing yet beautiful mountain river, or to fly like a bird contemplating the world underneath.

Which one triggers your emotion?

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Cold mountain river on the slopes of El Valle de El General, Pérez Zeledón.

Florian Kuster

Catarata del Toro, on the border of Juan Castro Blanco National Park.

Florian Kuster

Beach on the Nicoya Peninsula, shot at sunrise.

Florian Kuster

Poás Volcano: Star-trail photograph taken during new moon with special permission.

Florian Kuster

Waterfall at the spectacularly blue Celeste River at Tenorio Volcano National Park in northern Costa Rica.

Florian Kuster

Airplane view over the Caribbean lowlands, where Tortuguero National Park begins.

Florian Kuster

Cloud forest at San Gerardo de Dota, 2,400 meters above sea level, home of the elusive resplendent quetzal.

Florian Kuster

Airplane view of Ballena Marine National Park with its distinctive “whale tail” landmark.

Florian Kuster

Sunset looking from Monteverde down to the Pacific, with the ocean in the background.

Florian Kuster

Florian Kuster is a Swiss photographer living in Costa Rica who specializes in architecture photography, 360˚ Virtual Tours and videos. In his free time he is a passionate nature and wildlife photographer and sometimes takes his friends on tour to discover beautifully green and versatile Costa Rica. For more info visit, or write to



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